“I have experienced Libby as an incredibly intuitive and responsive yoga teacher. In her classes, I sense many levels of instruction, offered in an unconditional, compassionate, and empowering ‘buffet.’ So therapeutic!”
– K.E., Clinical Social Worker

“Libby is a wonderful teacher. So experienced, professional, intuitive, supportive, challenging, knowledgeable… All this while being incredibly sweet, fun and friendly.”
– Tim, Amherst

“After dealing with pain in my back and leg (possibly sciatica) for several months, I attended Libby’s class, “Yoga for Back Health”. The yoga exercises she taught us eliminated my pain! By continuing the practice every day, I have remained pain-free.”
– Lynne Page, Greenfield

My step-daughter and I took a class with Libby and we enjoyed it immensely. Not only is Libby knowledgeable, she’s got a great sense of humor. This helped us relax; any tendency toward self-judgment or pushing ourselves was totally erased in a gentle and friendly atmosphere.”
– Eveline MacDougall, Northfield

“Libby’s passion for yoga is clear with every breath she takes. She teaches it from a place of personal grace, wit, charm, and tremendous depth of knowledge. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in practicing yoga.”
– Dan Croteau, Northfield

“The masterful progression and deep focus of Libby’s classes always fill me with gratitude for her talent and dedication. Libby doesn’t just show us the asanas, she teaches us how to find them inside us. She leads us in this self-inquiry with the joy, strength, humor, and lightness of a true yogi.”
– Louise

“Over ten years ago I was facing surgery to have multiple discs removed. Instead I brought Libby’s yoga into my life and have to date avoided surgery. Libby continues to design her yoga practice with an eye toward our aging generation’s needs.”
– Don Simms, Northfield

“When I joined my first group class with Libby, I had strong chronic pain in my upper back; I needed to lie down every two hours during the day to rest. As I continued the class, my pain diminished. Then – through weekly private sessions with Libby – my back pain totally vanished. Libby shines a steady stream of light and warmth on her students. In that light growth and healing happen.”
– G. Elwell, Conway

“Libby creates a warm, accepting atmosphere that invites each student to experience yoga at his/her own level. She inspires curiosity about how the parts of the body are interconnected, and awareness of movement patterns that cause discomfort in our daily lives. Libby is an enthusiastic teacher with a deep knowledge of yoga, enabling her to be keenly responsive to student needs. Her classes are challenging, nurturing, and also a lot of fun.”
– A. Biddle, Urbana, IL

“I know that there are other asanas, but downward and upward dog are my favorite, and since Libby’s class is a buffet, I can do as many as I want and then curl up during the relaxation phase.”
– Teva the Dog